ESCs, Motor and Arduino wiring – new quadcopter v2 design

Having assembled the Turnigy Talon Quadcopter Frame I set out to get all the electronics  ready for the new frame. The primary goal was to have a tidier version than in my first quadcopter design. This meant that the ESC had to go into the main center plates and the cables should run inside the arms. The motors had to be mounted and securely attaced directly to the frame. So read on to see how I did it.

ESC cables soldering

I wanted to place the ESC in the middle of the quadcopter and connecting them to the motors with the cables running inside the arms. So I had to extend the short wires. I did this by cutting of the previously soldered plugs and attaching an extra bit of wire. Soldering the wires together made it easy to extend the wires and still ensure a small flat cable/connection that can run inside the tubes.

As you can see in the pictures above I soldered the cables together and put a shrink tube over it. Soldering the wires worked best by applying some solder to one end of the wire. Then sticking both ends of the wires together and heating the existing solder up to stick the wires together. After that I applied a little more solder to make sure the connection doesn’t break easily. To finish things up put the shrink tube over it.

Motor mounts

Mounting the motors was the easiest of all as the holes for the screws are already pre-drilled and I just had to attach my motors to the motor plates. Now there something you have to pay attention to as with my hacker style brushless outrunner 20-22l motors the holes are not symmetric meaning it depends how you turn the motors. So initial I had the motor mounts of the turnigy talon frame the wrong way round. Make sure you test first whether or not the motors fit to your frame.

The picture above shows the motor plates the wrong way round for my motors. So after the picture was taken I had it reversed.

Arduino base plate

For some reason my arduino didn’t fit to the provided screws/mounts of the frame. So I had to come up with a solution to attach the arduino to the quadcopter. I did it in the same way as I had it on my previous version of the aeroquad. By using a plexiglass plate I was able to drill the holes I need and could attach the arduino with some vibration reducing plastic rings.

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